Dining Out For Life Delaware

Date: April 29, 2021
Start Time: 6:00pm
Event Location:

Dining Out For Life returns to Delaware on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 and we are looking for Dining Out For Life Ambassadors. Like last year, we will be encouraging people to participate by “Dining In” or “Dining Out” – How ever they feel comfortable participating.

Due to the toll that COVID-19 has taken on our local restaurants, we are not asking any of our participating restaurants to donate this year. Instead, we are asking DOFL Volunteer Ambassadors, AIDS Delaware staff and friends to utilize online peer to peer fundraising to encourage their social network to donate to the cause. We hope to raise $10,000 to help support Delawareans living with HIV using this method.

As a Dining Out For Life Ambassador, you will be the face of AIDS Delaware, helping to share our story, promote our participating restaurants and build relationships with supporters.

First step: Create a digital fundraising webpage: 

  • Invite friends & family to donate to your online fundraising page.
  • Share Dining Out For Life on social media.
  • Encourage friends to eat out or order takeout/delivery from one of our Dining Out For Life restaurants.
  • Check in with AIDS Delaware development team to update on your progress and get tips for fundraising success.
  • Have fun & be creative.

Click HERE to become an ambassador, donate, or view restaurants.

What is Dining Out For Life?

Dining Out For Life® is a national, annual dining fundraising event raising money for community-based organizations serving people living with or impacted by HIV. 
The concept was simple: Restaurants donated a generous percent of their sales to HIV service organizations, and in turn the local HIV service organizations help fill participating restaurants with diners.
This year is different: Due to the hardship the restaurant industry is currently facing, we are not asking them to make any donations this year. So while these restaurants will not be donating to AIDS Delaware this year, we encourage you to support them during these challenging times
We are so incredibly thankful for the support we receive each year for Dining Out for Life from our restaurant partners. Please support them – Dine In, Dine Out and make a donation to AIDS Delaware.

Who benefits? Who is AIDS Delaware?

AIDS Delaware was founded in 1984 by concerned volunteer activists to address the state’s emerging AIDS community. Our mission is to eliminate the spread and stigma of HIV/AIDS, improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS, and promote community health through comprehensive and culturally sensitive services, education programs, and advocacy.

Our services include free, confidential HIV testing; case management/client services; education/ outreach programs; pharmacy services; food pantry; drug & alcohol counseling; mental health