DATE: 2015 October 23
CONTACT: Iris A. McKenney
100 W. 10th Street, Suite 315
Wilmington, DE 19801
302.652.6776, 221

AIDS Delaware Expands Services

WILMINGTON, Delaware, Oct. 20, 2015 – AIDS Delaware is taking steps to expand its services. AIDS Delaware recently received its license to implement an Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Treatment Service for its clients. The license allows Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors to address substance abuse while helping clients manage their HIV/AIDS. Case Manager, Tiffany Milan, developed the processes and procedures for this service. Life insurance is now available for people over 50 living with HIV/AIDS. A Rehoboth Beach client became the first AIDS Delaware client to receive a life insurance policy courtesy of Cecil Little, Jr. Mr. Little, a life insurance consultant, specializes in providing life insurance for people with serious illnesses. On October 1, AIDS Delaware received a tobacco prevention mini-grant. The organization will train young people as peer support specialists to address the consequences of smoking and using tobacco products. This award comes from the DE Division of Public Health with funding provided by the DE Health Fund. Education and Outreach Manager, Frank Hawkins, was instrumental in obtaining this grant. Students involved with the Delaware Teen Idol event are eligible to participate. AIDS Delaware has a new doctor in the house. Dr. Herman Ortez, Manager of Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services, successfully defended his dissertation, ‘Reducing the Spread of HIV/AIDS Through Individualized Risk Counseling.’ In 2016, AIDS Walk Delaware will be 30 years old. We are seeking people who participated in the very first AIDS Walk Delaware in 1986. Please contact Iris McKenney,, if you know an actual 1986 walk participant or family and/or close friend of an original walker.