DATE: 2017 March 24
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Our Clients’ Best Interests


John Gardner

Executive Director

We strive to be client-centered in all that we do at AIDS Delaware.  To halt the spread of HIV, our agency addresses both the prevention and treatment side of the virus.

Whether it’s our case management and food pantry services on the treatment side, or our testing and education efforts in the prevention space, each decision we make has the client’s best interests in mind.

To better serve our clients, in 2016 we launched a drug and alcohol counseling service targeting our clients struggling with substance abuse.  Many people living with HIV find it difficult to share their status with others.  Our drug and alcohol counseling enables our clients to comfortably discuss their HIV and substance abuse in a confidential, supportive, and judgement-free space.

With current antiretroviral drug therapies (ART), people living with HIV can manage and lead long, healthy lives.  Once ART is administered and their viral load becomes undetectable, there’s a very small chance of passing on the virus to others.

The key is knowing your status.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that individuals between 15 and 65 get tested at least once in their lifetimes and those with risk factors get tested more frequently.

AIDS Delaware offers free, confidential HIV testing with results in under ten minutes!

Know your status. Get testedMake an appointment now; day or night, weekdays or weekends. Click here to make an appointment.

Thank you for your continued support of AIDS Delaware.

John Gardner